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Purple cases for Kinect titles

by on16 June 2010

No way that people will miss them

The long predicted death of the green Xbox 360 case has been something that many have wanted to see happen for years. With the introduction of Kinect, the green boxes are going away for Kinect compatible titles to be replaced instead by a purple colored case.

The purple stripe at the top and the Kinect logo branding in the top right corner of each title help make it so that if you happen to miss the purple case you will not know that the title you are looking at is for the Microsoft Kinect and requires this in order to use or play the title.

No one knows why the company went with purple as the color of choice, but we do admit that it looks decent with the green; you can’t mistake that color for green, and it makes the Kinect titles stand out.

Last modified on 20 June 2010
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