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Radeon HD 3850 not selling like hotcakes

by on26 November 2007

Everyone waiting for HD 3870 or 8800 GT

It appears as if AMD's plan of going all out on the Radeon HD 3850 has backfired, as there still seems to be plenty of stock avaiable, while there's a total lack of HD 3870 and very much a shortage of GeForce 8800 GT cards. It seems that Nvidia can only manage to deliver 8800 GT's in dribs and drabs and this is affecting its partners.

At the same time, most online resellers seems to have ample stock of Radeon HD 3850 cards, although it appears to be mostly Sapphire cards at the moment. It might depend slightly on where you live, but in general it seems like the Radeon HD 3850 hasn't been a real hit, even considering its more than acceptable performance/price ratio.

Considering the shortage of the other two cards, we would have expected to have seen more sales of the Radeon HD 3850. Maybe gamers have become too picky to buy this card, especially as there are two better performing cards out there for not much more money.

If you're expecting to get a Radeon HD3870 or GeForce 8800 GT in time for Crimbo, then you better be checking with all your local online e-tailers and place a pre-order for the cards that are at least somewhat likely to get in stock before the holidays; as it looks as if this shortage won't end until early next year the way things are going.
Last modified on 26 November 2007
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