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Apple denies censoring Google Application

by on24 August 2009


The dog did it

retailer Apple has denied that it censored an application written by rival Google. The application for the iPhone was blocked by a mysterious body which has nothing to do with Apple at all and it is not clear how this organisation was able to take over the work normally carried out by hand picked minions of Steve Jobs.

Apple was hauled before federal regulators who were a mite interested in the groundless allegation that the outfit was using its iPhone muscle to shut out competition. However they were told that Apple has not rejected Google's application outright and was still looking at it.

Well that is all right then isn't it? Well, not really. Apple then went onto say that Google could not run its software on the iPhone because it alters important functions on the device. Google Voice gives people an additional phone number that's not tied to any one phone line. People can program the service to direct incoming calls first to a cell phone, then a work number and finally a home number.

However the word is that Apple and AT&T saw a Google Voice app for the iPhone as a potential competitor to their monthly mobile plans and canned it. Apple said it rejected the program because it replaces the iPhone's own interface for making calls and sending text messages with a Google version.

In addition Apple accused the app of sending the contents of people's iPhone contact lists to Google's servers. So all Google has to do to get its application accepted is to stop it working and then it will be approved.
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