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iPhone banished from Germany?

by on20 November 2007


Vodafone obtains restraining order against T-Mobile

A court in Hamburg has issued a restraining order against Deutsche Telekom's T-Mobile, effectively prohibiting the company from selling Apple's iPhone in Germany.

Vodafone obviously wasn't very pleased that T-Mobile got the exclusive right to distribute the top selling Cupertino gadget in Germany and questioned its sales practices. Furthermore, Vodafone is also opposing certain limitations with regard to iPhone use on other networks and certain fees within T-Mobile's contract.

A Vodafone spokesman said that the company has no objections to the exclusivity part of the deal and that it's not looking for a total sales stop, but that certain practices and parts of the contract must be examined.

T-Mobile has confirmed that a restraining order has been issued, but did not comment on the issue further.

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Last modified on 21 November 2007
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