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AMD wants to paint Phenom as a value part

by on11 December 2007


Just as ATI did with HD3800

AMD has learned a lesson from ATI. If you don’t have the fastest chipset on the market, then you try to kick your competitor with a good price/performance ratio. Basically, that means you need to reposition your products.

AMD needs to find a sweet spot between profitability and a good price, and obviously it has to offer more for the price than Intel with its quad core Yorkfields. The 45nm Intel parts are a fierce competitor, but with the right strategy AMD might have a good chance.

It will re-launch with bug-free CPUs and send the message that Phenom will have a phenomenal price, and decent. but not phenomenal performance. AMD can state that, for the money, the performance is phenomenal. The company has a special team of experts that want to project the price/value image with the Phenom, and that is what they are doing as we speak.

Whatever these people come up with will be a better selling strategy than we have had with a native quad core with errata that slows it down.

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