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Phenom 9500 and 9600 will get a replacement

by on07 December 2007


Three new ones: 9550, 9650, 9700

It looks as if Phenom 9500, clocked at 2.2GHz, and Phenom 9600 will have an incredibly short life cycle. in early Q1, these two will be replaced with Phenom 9550 and 9650. These two and Phenom 9700 will be based on revision B3 and they will be errata-free.

AMD plans to phase out Phenom 9500 and 9600, as it doomed them before they even hit the shelves. A company executive telling 100+ journalists that the chip has an errata that can cost the chip 10 percent of its performance is not the way to generate good sales for that chipset.

Phenom 9550, 9650 and 9700 offer a fresh start and we hope for AMD’s sake that they will do better than the previous ones.  

Last modified on 10 December 2007
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