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K10 Barcelona still not fully ready

by on15 August 2007



Real clocks and volumes in Q4

Sources close to AMD and the people that live from these CPUs have confirmed that Barcelona CPUs are still far away. They don’t expect them before Q4 at least nothing with serious clocks.

A few websites reported that K10 will be launched in under 2 GHz speeds and in best case scenario AMD can launch up to 2.5 GHz but the real clock speeds will come with the full production of B2 revision that is expected later this year.

The same sources have confirmed that they don’t expect to sell many Barcelona CPUs soon simply as they don’t have it listed and they don’t even know when the real clock speed parts are coming.

Let’s hope for AMD’s sake that it can have some serious volumes and clocks speeds by Thanksgiving otherwise the Q4 financial score will yet again be a disaster.

This is what we’ve said in early July about Barcelona launch.

Also head.

K10 Barcelona delayed to Q4


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