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HD 5970 spotted in the wild

by on30 October 2009


Guess what, it's big

upcoming HD 5970, the mother of all graphics cards, has been spotted in the wild, running in a massive Antec 1200 chassis.

You're probably wondering what the chassis has to do with it, but bear with me. The card is immense, measuring 13.5 inches or 34.3cm, it easily puts Ron Jeremy to shame.

As we said earlier, the TDP should end up around the 300W mark, and it shows. According to the bloke who fiddled with it, the fan runs at 4700RPM, so it's not that quiet. Mind you, this is an early sample, and there's a chance production models will have a somewhat slower fan.

AMD kindly asked the site to remove performance tests and pointed out that the card is an engineering sample, so some bios and driver tweaks are expected. AMD also said that this was not the final version of the card, and the production model could look a bit different.

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