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EVGA GTX 980 Ti Superclocked+ reviewed

by on13 August 2015



The EVGA GTX 980 Ti SC+ ACX 2.0+ works at a 1102MHz base clock, while the reference GPU base clock is set at 1006MHz. The overclocking potential is good considering that this is a factory overclocked card. Using standard voltage and AUTO fan settings we managed to push the GPU 139MHz over the factory clocks. This resulted in a Boost clocks up to 1455MHz. Memory overclocking is vital in any attempt to squeeze out more performance from a graphics card. The memory produced average results with a total 790MHz (effective GDDR5) overclock. Note that each sample overclocks differently and therefore our results can serve only as guideline for what you can achieve with another GTX 980 Ti.

gtx 980 ti evga sc precisionX oc

The card was relatively quiet even after overclocking.

gtx 980 ti evga sc gpuz oc. tempgif

For the best performance we advice to combine GPU and memory overclock.

evga gtx 980 ti sc res oc

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