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EVGA GTX 980 Ti Superclocked+ reviewed

by on13 August 2015


Thermals and Noise

The EVGA ACX 2.0+ cooler is superior to the reference design as it keeps the GPU temperatures below 78 degrees Celsius. If the ACX cooler wasn’t as good, GPU Boost 2.0 would kick in and throttle the card once it gets too hot. The ACX cooler ensures your card maintains the maximum boost clock possible for as long as possible. The new Boost 2.0 algorithm will reduce the GPU Boost clocks on the GTX 980 Ti if the GPU temperature goes over 84 degrees Celsius respectively.

The card is completely silent in idle and during media playback or light gaming. Namely the card turns its fans off when GPU temperature is below 60 degrees Celsius.

gtx 980 ti evga sc gpuz default idle

The ACX cooler is quiet, even under load. It’s not inaudible, but it won’t be any distraction, as you will hear only some airflow.

gtx 980 ti evga sc gpuz tempgif

The fan management is excellent and two 88mm fans won’t surprise you with sudden RPM changes. The fan gradually accelerates when a game is started and slowly decelerates until it stops rotating when finished.

We can confirm that our test sample has no coil whine noise.

Last modified on 17 August 2015
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