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Club3D GTX 560 CoolStream Edition reviewed

by on06 June 2011



Nvidia GTX 560 is a card for 1680x1050, because that’s the resolution that any game will run just fine. That’s not to say that 1920x1080 isn’t possible - it is, but it will require sacrifices in the detail settings department.

Club3D expanded its Geforce offer with two GTX 560 cards – GTX 560 CoolStream Edition and GTX 560 CoolStream OC Edition. The difference between the aforementioned cards is only in the clocks, as the OC version comes overclocked by 20MHz.

We tested the reference clocked version and it proved to be quite ready for DirectX 11 gaming challenges, as well as hot summer days.

CoolStream cooling is pretty good – it’s not too loud but not inaudible either. Anyone who intends to do some overclocking of their own will surely know how to appreciate it. Thanks to some extra voltage, we managed to push the GPU over 1GHz.

Of course, CoolStream cooling adds a price tag of its own so Club3D's GTX 560 CoolStream Edition cad goes for €157 here, which is a few euro more than the most affordable GTX 560.

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Last modified on 06 June 2011
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