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Tegra 4i and i500 certified for AT&T

by on11 November 2013

Devices in early 2014

One of the tougher aspects of handheld chip design is to get the certification for US network carriers such as AT&T and Verizon.

Despite the fact that Nvidia showed Tegra 4i back in February it just recently got the AT&T certification and validation of its LTE modem. Qualcomm is already certified for Advanced LTE and theoretical speeds of 150 Mbits per second and Nvidia should be ready for Advanced LTE too.

Nvidia's i500 icera modem also got certification for AT&T and this was confirmed by Jensen Huang Nvidia CEO during the company’s last earnings call. The way things are moving we should see devices based on Nvidia icera i500 modems and Tegra 4i showcased and announced already at CES 2014 as traditional US carriers chose to show these new devices at CES. At the Barcelona based Mobile World Congress in late February we expect to see European and international design wins based on mainstream Tegra 4i, icera i500 and Tegra 5 as well.

Tegra 5, currently codenamed Logan, from what we know comes in January with designs to happen in Q1 2014. We don’t know if Nvidia can get Verizon certification anytime soon as if Nvidia had it by now, they would surely be bragging about it.

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