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Gainward GTX 770 Phantom reviewed

by on30 May 2013


The reference GTX 770 and GTX 780 use the lauded Titan cooler, which does a very good job at keeping temperatures below the 81 Celsius mark, but it can get noisy when pushed hard. It is the ideal solution for reference clocked cards and it is pretty hard to improve upon.

Sadly though, we did not have a reference GTX 770 to directly compare the results, but in any case the Phantom didn’t fail to impress. The three fan combination proved pretty quiet and they didn’t distract us as the fan speed curve is well defined and in auto mode you should not experience sudden changes in fan speed. It’s  only downside is that it is relatively cumbersome and 2.5 slots high, but this is a non-issue for users who don’t plan to go for an SLI setup.

gtx 770 gw gpuz idle
Idle GPU temperature

gtx 770 gw load temp

fan speed gaming
Load GPU temperature

Like the reference GTX 770, the Temp Target on the Phantom is set at 79 degrees Celsius by default. The cooler does a pretty good job and the temperature never exceeds 78 degrees. Let’s not forget that the GPU base is clocked at 1150MHz, hence it has a bit more heat to deal with than the reference card.

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