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EVGA GTX 660 Superclocked 2GB reviewed

by on13 September 2012


EVGA GTX 660 Superclocked is, as the name suggests, a factory overclocked card, which gives it a slight advantage over the reference GTX 660 right out of the box. For a card priced at about €220, it spews out quite nice performance at 1920x1080, in most games and with detail settings maxed out. AMD’s competitor, the HD 7870, turned out a bit faster, but it may depend on the games of choice. The GTX 660 Superclocked fared particularly well with antialiasing on and almost caught up with the GTX 660 Ti. Compared to the last generation, this is a significant performance increase.

EVGA uses dual slot cooling that looks like the reference solution but is actually tuned a bit to provide quiet operation. Although the thermals are slightly higher than we’d have liked, they’re still far from the red zone, so a worthy compromise. Our additional overclocking for the GPU and memory also went well.

EVGA GTX 660 Superclocked is a card is a great bang for buck and is sure to strike a chord with many gamers. It’s the cheapest Kepler based card that will cause serious damage and although arguably a tad overpriced, most won’t care - and rightfully so. If you’re looking for a new card to spend long winter nights with, then EVGA GTX 660 should definitely make your list.

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