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EVGA GTX 660 Ti Superclocked 2GB reviewed

by on16 August 2012


The Geforce GTX 660 Ti is Nvidia’s new graphics card that aims to cater to wider masses of gamers. The GTX 660 Ti Superclocked 2GB launched at €273 + VAT, while the reference card launched at €259. The price difference isn’t that significant, especially if you like EVGA’s gear. Note that not only does the card come with a factory overclock, EVGA also ships a free game, i.e. a voucher for Borderlands 2.

We’ve seen that the GTX 660 Ti SC offers quality performance at 1920x1080. At this resolution, it’s even capable of beating the HD 7950.

EVGA uses cooling similar to the reference solution, meaning blower style cooling. This should not concern you unless you’re planning on more serious overclocking. Luckily, the cooler is almost inaudible, even when the card is under load.

Those who want more straight out of the box should perhaps wait for the FTW version. EVGA has also announced a GTX 660 Ti with 3GB of memory, which is yet another alternative if you don’t want to jump the gun. However, choosing the GTX 660 Ti Superclocked is definitely not a wrong choice either and the card will reward you with a nice fusion of power, performance and affordability.

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