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Cooltek Ultimate Case reviewed

by on22 November 2010


Cooltek Ultimate Case is available and priced at €89. Its price clearly shows that this is not just a low-budget full tower case, and although this is Cooltek’s first full-tower design they’ve done a pretty good job. Rather than borrowing design features, Cooltek entirely designed the case and tried to offer everything other cases may lack.   

The fans are not loud but not inaudible either while cooling performance is on par with similarly priced cases. As far as manufacturing and finishing touches go, the case is sturdy and won’t vibratee or make noise. In short, it will be tough beating Cooltek’s Ultimate Case in this price range, as it is a great bang for a buck.

The case’s control panel looks pretty nice and packs eSATA, audio, few USB 2.0 connectors, card reader, power and data SATA connectors for external disks and four keys for turning the four fans on and off. Unfortunately, there’s no USB 3.0, the fans’ RPM can’t be controlled and the LEDs can’t beturned off without turning the fans off.

The toolless mechanisms came in pretty handy but are made of plastic and seem fragile, but despite our best efforts (and trust me, we’re good at it) we didn’t manage to break one. The case packs plenty of room and the fact that our Radeon HD 5970 was a comfortable fit speaks for itself.

Cooltek wanted to make sure that its Ultimate Case is one mean competitor in its price range, and it seems it has achieved just that. While the looks will probably be instant hit or miss with users, CUC is one of the most functional cases we’ve seen in the sub-€90 price range and with that in mind we’d recommend it in an instant.


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Last modified on 23 November 2010
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