Eurocrats clamp down on AI
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Fines to hit tech giants

In a landmark move, Euro MPs have given the thumbs up to the most rigid AI law on the planet, promising to keep those tech boffins in check.

Supremes block Texas social media law for now
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Waiting to see what the lower courts think

A Texas social media law, which was designed to allow white right wingers to fill the interwebs with their unique brand of hate has been blocked by the US Supreme Court at least for now.

Move over Moore's Law - here is Huang's Law
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Nvidia GPUs are 25 times faster than five years ago

Jensen Huang claims that GPU chips are moving at a more rapid rate of development than CPUs and instead of following Moore's Law, they are following a supercharged law which he clearly hopes will be called Huang’s Law.

Assange gets a dose of legal reality
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Judge says he lacks courage and does not want to face consequences

Julian Assange has been given a sharp lesson in the reality of law when his actions were forensically pulled apart by District Court Judge Emma Arbuthnot in a 30 minute judgment.

Humanity is running out of ideas
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Moores Law is a case study

A team of top boffins is starting to worry that humans are running out of ideas and are citing the tech industry’s inability to come up with a solution for Moore's Law as a case study.

Baidu boss investigated for not driving
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Tested a driverless car on a public road

Baidu China's Google is under investigation after its chief executive tested a driverless car on public roads.

Trump signs anti-hacker law
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Against the Chinese not Russia

US President Donald Trump signed an executive order which aims to bolster the government's cyber security and protect critical infrastructure from cyber attacks.

EU votes for new cyber security laws
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Major changes afoot

The European Parliament voted to spruce up the EU’s cyber security laws in a move which will have many companies tearing their hare (sic) and stamping on their rabbits.

UK spying law is illegal
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Courts say it needs a re-think

The British High Court has ruled that Emergency surveillance legislation introduced by the coalition government last year is illegal.

Daft Aussies want to ban teaching encryption
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Throw another dumb law on the barbie

Australia want to ban the teaching of encryption so that it can save the nation from all the spying that is going on.