iOS 13 shipped with a known bug
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What a surprise

The software genii at Apple, who struggled to write software which could tell the time, have produced another howler.

Any iPhone can be hacked
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Cellebrite offers service to US coppers

Appleā€™s so called secure iPhones can be turned over by US coppers using a service promoted by an Israeli security contractor.

iPad iOS will grow up at last
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Finally getting Windows

Fruity cargo cult Apple is hoping to turn its iPad toy into a more useful tool by copying Microsoft Windows.

Government snoopers deploy malware
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Spotted in 45 countries

Security researchers have found evidence that a piece of malware peddled as "lawful intercept" software to government agencies has been deployed against victims located in 45 countries.

Apple developers form a union
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Cheesed off with the company's heavy handed antics

Fed up with the way that Apple treats developers, a group of iOS developers have marked the tenth anniversary of the Apple app store by forming a trade union.

Apple takes steps for criminal fanboys
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Feature blocks the phone if not used for seven days

The iOS 11.4 update, currently being beta tested, includes a USB Restricted Mode that introduces a week-long expiration date on access to the Lightning port on your iOS devices if your phone hasn't been unlocked, which has implications for law enforcement tools like the GrayKey box.

Apple pulls back on booby trapped OS
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I find your lack of faith disturbing 

Fruity cargo-cult Apple has retreated on a change in its iOS operating system which effectively bricked third-party screen repairs to make it appear as if they were less effective than those of its overpriced in-house repairs.

Shadowgun Legends now available on Android and iOS
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Probably one of the best FPS mobile games around

Madfinger Games has officially released Shadowgun Legends on Android, iOS, Apple TV and Nvidia Shield TV.

Apple will delay iOS release
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Wants to tackle quality and security issues

Fruity cargo cult Apple will delay the release of its iOS software this year in a bid to sort some of its comedy programming issues.

Apple starts to kill off its server functionality
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In other news, iOS still had a server functionality

The Fruity Cargo cult Apple is finally giving up on its server based flavours of OS X.