Apple is stuffing up iOS, with its Webkit rules
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Google engineer moans

Apple wants all the browsers on iOS to run WebKit, however, Alex Russel, Google's engineer says the software is not up to snuff.

You know that myth that iOS is more secure ?
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Yeah, about that

Apple’s security is so pants, a software exploit broker has stopped offering bounties on jailbreaking the software because there are too many out there.

Apple’s iOS leaks your data
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Tame Apple Press claims it is a good reason to upgrade

Apple’s iPhone has bug which leaks gigabytes of data to the internet, it is not going to fix it and it will break most Apple fanboy’s phone bills.

A rooted Android phone helps to jailbreak iOS.
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Ebony and Ivory

In a sign of unity, it appears that an Android phone can be used to jailbreak an Apple iPhone so that its users can experience true freedom outside the walled garden of delights.

Recycling Mac malware makes good sense
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Saves you lots of time

While Apple fanboys insist that there is no Mac malware out there, a former  National Security Agency former hacker has been recycling mac malware to carry out new missions.

IOS is adware claims developer
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If you don't pay for anything you get flooded with Apple made adverts

Software developer Steve Streza has been looking under the bonnet of iOS and has been a bit shocked to discover that, despite paying a fortune for Apple gear he is being flooded with adverts which come from Jobs' Mob.

iOS 13 shipped with a known bug
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What a surprise

The software genii at Apple, who struggled to write software which could tell the time, have produced another howler.

Any iPhone can be hacked
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Cellebrite offers service to US coppers

Apple’s so called secure iPhones can be turned over by US coppers using a service promoted by an Israeli security contractor.

iPad iOS will grow up at last
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Finally getting Windows

Fruity cargo cult Apple is hoping to turn its iPad toy into a more useful tool by copying Microsoft Windows.

Government snoopers deploy malware
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Spotted in 45 countries

Security researchers have found evidence that a piece of malware peddled as "lawful intercept" software to government agencies has been deployed against victims located in 45 countries.