Prigozhin's failed coup proves censorship and monitoring can't work
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The silver cloud

While Yevgeny V. Prigozhin's Wagner Group coup against Tsar Vladimir Putin failed to do much, it did prove that government censorship is largely useless. 

Apple censors apps to favour Chinese politicians
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All part of the service

Apple routinely censors references to Chinese politicians, dissidents and other topics in its engraving service.

Google does not have to censor internationally
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Lest we forget the Right to Forget

Google won its fight against tougher “right to be forgotten” rules after Europe’s top court said on Tuesday it does not have to remove links to sensitive personal data worldwide, rejecting a French demand.

Google "browser encryption" might stop UK censorship
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Sky and BT warn that government was wasting its time

In a move that everyone foresaw, other than the people who gave you Brexit, a small change to Google’s browser could make the UK government’s attempts to censor the internet useless.

iPhone’s new kids censorship tool blocks sex education
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But allows terrorism and racism

Apple’s new iPhone parental controls have taken the pulse of Trump’s America and are blocking sex education sites while allowing kids to search racist, terrorism and violent sites.

Porn filters are a waste of time
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You probably were not expecting this

A team of Oxford boffins took time out from their busy schedule of curing cancer, building rocket cars and finding a genetic cure for the plague to prove that internet filters do not stop people watching porn.

UK government set to define proper sex
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Think of the children

The UK government has decided that it will ban all web sites which depict “unconventional sex”.

China cracks down on internet news
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No original reporting, thank you so much

Online companies in mainland China have been ordered to put a halt to writing news that isn’t sanctioned by the government.

FindFace software used to hassle pornstars
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Moral witch-hunts

“FindFace,” which uses facial recognition software to match random photographs on Russians social media Vkontakte is finding that their service is being used by puritans to stage witch-hunts against porn stars.

Apple entertainment booted out of China
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We already have a nice walled garden thanks

It looks like Apple's hopes to make up some of the cash it is losing to slumping smartphone sales by getting into the entertainment business have been thwarted by Chinese censors.