Samsung working on a self-repair app
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Already patented 

Samsung has invented a new self-repair app to aid customers looking to fix their own devices and got it to the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Apple allows developers to jack up app subscriptions
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Without users' permission

Fruit and Nutty cargo cult Apple is going to allow app developers to jack up subscription prices without asking user’s permission.

Phone App detects Alzheimer’s
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If you can remember where you put the phone

An app has been developed which may detect an incredibly early stage of Alzheimer’s.

AI app allows you to grass on other drivers
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Poor driving recorded 

A team of AI scientists with backgrounds in Silicon Valley companies and top UK universities have developed an app which will allow people to “document traffic crimes in their area.”

Official football app was accessing fans' microphones
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GDPR does not apply to football

Spanish football league La Liga has defended the privacy policy of its app after admitting it was accessing the microphone and GPS of Android users.

Valve brings game streaming to mobile with Steam Link
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To be available on iOS and Android

Valve is seriously expanding into the mobile market by announcing two new apps, the Steam Link and Steam Video, that will bring both game streaming to iOS and Android devices as well as let you check out the Steam library of movies and videos on your mobile device.

Facebook announces PayPal integration in Messenger
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192 million PayPal users can pay using messaging app

Facebook has announced that PayPal will become one of the payment options within its Messenger service.

Verizon Go90 free TV coming soon
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An ad supported App 

Verizon is about to launch its Go90 free prime time TV viewing app that will offer premium content and YouTube like clips, for free. 

Phone tracking app lead to violent death
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The can lead you into trouble

A Canadian bloke was gunned down after he tracked his phone to where a thief had taken it using something like a "Find my Phone" app.

Apple burnt by Newsstand App
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Apple wanted too much of the pie 

Fruity cargo cult Apple's attempts to squeeze money from newspapers has failed completely and the outfit has pulled its much marketed Newsstand App.