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Valve brings game streaming to mobile with Steam Link

by on10 May 2018

To be available on iOS and Android

Valve is seriously expanding into the mobile market by announcing two new apps, the Steam Link and Steam Video, that will bring both game streaming to iOS and Android devices as well as let you check out the Steam library of movies and videos on your mobile device.

The Steam Link app, which, according to Valve, will be available in the week of May 21, will bring game streaming to iOS and Android devices. While support for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV devices will be available from day one, Android support for smartphones, tablets and TVs will be initially offered in a beta phase.

The app will essentially allow you to stream games from your Steam library to any mobile device as long as it is connected to your home network via 5GHz wireless or a wired connection. It will support a bunch of controllers on both platforms and, hopefully, it will offer a similar experience to some of the previously available third-party applications.

According to, the Steam Link will also work on Linux and SteamOS host systems as well, in addition to using MAC and PC. Valve representative also confirmed the support for keyboard and mouse. 

In addition to game streaming with Steam Link app, Valve is also launching the Steam Video app, which will be available this summer, and allow you to watch Steam movies and videos on your mobile over WiFi and LTE. It will also include a download option for offline viewing.

It appears that Valve is finally going after the mobile market and offering game streaming is a great start.


Last modified on 10 May 2018
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