Uber made hackers sign an NDA
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Before paying them $100,000

Uber paid hackers $100,000 to delete 57 million user files but bizarrely got them to sign an NDA first.

Google misses on quarterly revenue estimates
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Margins erode like dust in the wind

Google parent Alphabet missed analysts’ quarterly revenue estimates for the first time in at least two years and reported continuing erosion of its operating margin.

Uber hired David Cameron's chum  to sort out its European business
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Because no one can create European Unity on an issue like David Cameron

Uber has hired an ex-adviser to former British prime minister David Cameron to lead the ride-hailing firm’s lobbying efforts in northern Europe, less than a month after the company won a reprieve to operate in London.

Uber neglected simulation testing on self driving car
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Lack of simulation software investment 

Uber allegedly "neglected" simulation testing for its autonomous vehicles according to Insiders who were chatting to The Information.

Software failed in Uber pedestrian fatality
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NTSB confirms

The USA National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has issued a preliminary report about the first Uber pedestrian fatality. In short, the sensors worked and the software failed.

Another Uber exec flees the company
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Chief Product Officer joins the brain drain

Uber Technologies Chief Product Officer Jeff Holden has cleaned out his desk at the ride-hailing company, the latest of more than a dozen senior executives to depart since last year.

Uber talks about flying taxis
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Trust us

Following the success of self-driving cars, Uber is promising quadcopter electric air-taxi service by 2023

Pentagon will beat world to self driving cars
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Never mind Tesla, Uber or Google

The Pentagon will be using self-driving vehicles before they arrive in the streets according to Michael Griffin, the undersecretary of defense for research and engineering.

Technology failed in Uber fatality
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The self-driving car didn’t slow down

Self-driving cars should be very safe and reliable, but earlier this week in a little town in the US called Tempe, a 49 year old woman lost her life to a self-driving vehicle.

Uber ordered to take its self-driving cars off the road
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Failed to keep people safe

After failing to meet an expectation that it would prioritise public safety as it tested its self-driving technology, Uber has been ordered to take its self-driving cars off Arizona roads.