TSMC N3 wafer cost $20K+
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28 September 2023

TSMC N3 wafer cost $20K+

Too expensive to use A17 Pro for vanilla iPhone 15

Apple is the first of many who started using the TSMC N3 3nm process for its latest SoC, and even for Apple, it is not easy to eat the manufacturing cost. 

Chipzilla flogs a slice of IMS Nanofabrication business to TSMC
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Keeps control

Intel has agreed to sell a stake of about ten per cent in the IMS Nanofabrication business to TSMC.

Qualcomm wins a place on TSMC product lines
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Looks like Apple was not the only fruit

It had been long claimed that the fruity cargo cult Apple had bought up all TSMC’s advanced chip manufacturing leaving Qualcomm out in the cold.  But it seems that this is not the case.

Tame Apple Press wrong about TSMC deal
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Analyst says Apple is treated the same as everyone else

The Tame Apple Press has been telling the world+dog that TSMC is bending over backwards to keep Apple as a client with shed loads of sweeteners.

Intel's Foundry looks good says Nvidia
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Might want to use it instead of TSMC

Nvidia CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang said he is open to using Intel Foundry Services to manufacture future GPUs, because it's seen the results of some test chips the company has produced on a future process node and they're looking good.

Samsung to benefit from Apple hoarding
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3nm processing wars

Samsung’s bottom line might get a boost from the fruity cargo-cult Apple’s decision to stick all its 3nm processing in TMSC’s basket.

TSMC’S US chips will cost 30 per cent more
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Expect prices to be passed on to customers

According to DigiTimes, TSMC will charge an extra 30 per cent more for chips made in its American plants than those made in Taiwan.

European Union gives away a large amount of cash to big tech
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Giving money to foreign companies much better than wasting it on health and social services 

The European Union agreed a 43 billion euro plan for its semiconductor industry in an attempt to catch up with the United States and Asia and start a green industrial revolution.

Buffett dumps TSMC shares
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Worried about Taiwan invasion

Warren Buffett said geopolitical tensions were a “consideration” in his decision at the end of 2022 to dump Berkshire Hathaway’s $4.1 billion in shares of TSMC, Taiwanese firm that supplies a majority of advanced semiconductors to tech companies.

Intel orders shedloads of GPUs from TSMC
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Believes it has a future

While many people don’t hold out much hope for Intel’s involvement in the GPU market, apparently Chipzilla has ordered a stack of chips from TSMC.