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TSMC is rehiring

by on27 March 2024

The company wants to make 90 per cent of the world’s advanced chips

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company is rehiring staff after making a smashing re-entry into the top 10 most valuable companies.

With approximately 77,000 tech workers already on its roster, TSMC's senior VP of human resources, Lora Ho, said the company plans to hire more than  100,000 in the next few years.

The reason, she said was that the company had set itself a goal to produce 90 per cent of the globe's advanced chips, with tech giants like Nvidia and Apple on their client list.

Alright, they encountered a profit snag last October, but the AI mania has catapulted their stock to stratospheric heights—we're talking about a 37 per cent surge this year alone.

TSMC's head honcho C.C. Wei  is riding the AI wave, declaring it the driving force behind the burgeoning demand for intelligent computing.

They've just inaugurated their inaugural chip factory in Japan, with another one on the horizon, bolstered by a hefty €18.4 billion (that's $20 billion for those keeping tabs). But that's not all – Arizona is also in its sights, with plans for a €36.8 million (roughly $40 million) semiconductor site. The motive? They're seeking to recruit more ingenious minds to the TSMC fold.

Last modified on 27 March 2024
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