IBM takes on JEDI
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11 October 2018

IBM takes on JEDI

The Force is strong in this one

IBM is challenging the US Defence Department’s decision to turn to a single provider for its $10 billion department wide cloud computing infrastructure which has the Star Wars name JEDI.

Amazon abandons the Oracle
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Herculean task

Online bookseller Amazon has had enough of Oracle’s database ways and says it will be off the software by 2020.

SAP and Oracle targeted by hackers
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Mostly exploiting a failure to patch

At least a dozen companies and government agencies have been targeted, and thousands more are exposed to data breaches by hackers exploiting old security flaws in Oracle and SAP management software, two cybersecurity firms and Homeland Security have warned.

Oracle opts for Java SE subscription model
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$2.50 per month per PC user

Oracle has announced its commercial support program for Java SE (Standard Edition), opting for a subscription model instead of one that has had businesses paying for a one-time perpetual licence plus an annual support fee.

Oracle removes serialisation from Java
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Changing the dog's breakfast

Oracle plans to drop serialisation feature from Java which has been causing it huge security problems.

Agressive Oracle hacking off customers
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Trying to start a Krays 

Oracle customers are getting upset with the company’s aggressive sales tactics as it tries to catch up to Amazon in the cloud market

Oracle puts the squeeze on Java business users
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Pay up or you will not get patches and security updates

Business users of Java SE 8 have been told that they will no longer receive patches and security updates for the software from the beginning of next year, unless they write a cheque for a commercial licence.

Oracle expects cloud use to grow
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Oracle expansion is cool for Catz

Despite upsetting Wall Street with its lacklustre returns from cloud sales, Oracle's CEO Safra Catz  claims that she expects an acceleration in the company’s cloud business.

Ellison swings handbag at Amazon and humans
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Oracle Open World 2017 kicks off

Larry Ellison, Chairman and Chief Technology Officer of enterprise-technology giant Oracle, swung his mighty handbag at rivals Amazon and anyone human who tried to steal a job from a computer or robot.

Oracle appears to be winding down Solaris and SPARC
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2,500 of layoffs thought 

Oracle staff have been moaning that Oracle has been laying off hundreds of staff in its Solaris, SPARC, tape libraries and storage departments.