Berkshire flogs off Apple and Oracle shares
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Buys a nice red hat instead

Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway has trimmed its stake in iPhone maker Apple in a sign that the shine has come off the fruity cargo cult.

Oracle systematically underpaid women claims lawsuit
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Saving money

Everyone's favourite database company, Oracle, is alleged to have systematically underpaid its women employees and continued to do so after the government told it to be more reasonable, a court has been told.

Larry Ellison to oversee his mate Musk
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Yeah that will shut him up

Under pressure to do something to regulate Tesla CEO Elon Musk's mouth, its board to provide "independent oversight" demanded by the US by appointing his mate Oracle's Larry Ellison to the board.

Ellison moans that no ordinary person would use Amazon
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Ordinary people buy an Oracle licence

Oracle’s Larry Ellison is still rather miffed that Amazon has turned off its Oracle data warehouse in favour of its own software.

Amazon’s Oracle purge will be finished by next year
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Oracle and Microsoft abusive to customers

Amazon will have shifted most of its Oracle databases onto something of its own making by the end of next year at the latest.

Oracle’s patching process sparks zero-day release
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Oh those Russians

A Russian security researcher who was so miffed at the glacial pace of Oracle’s patching  released details of a zero-day vulnerability without warning them.

Amazon mocks Oracle’s click bait story
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We must admit they have a point

Yesterday a story appeared on the wires based around a leaked insider report claiming that Amazon’s Prime Day was ruined by the outfits transfer from Oracle to Amazon’s software.

Amazon's Oracle purge caused Prime Day outage
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Banishing an Oracle is tricky

Amazon’s move away from Oracle software might have cost it a few delivery problems on its biggest day – Prime day.

IBM takes on JEDI
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11 October 2018

IBM takes on JEDI

The Force is strong in this one

IBM is challenging the US Defence Department’s decision to turn to a single provider for its $10 billion department wide cloud computing infrastructure which has the Star Wars name JEDI.

Amazon abandons the Oracle
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Herculean task

Online bookseller Amazon has had enough of Oracle’s database ways and says it will be off the software by 2020.