"Black Friday" online sales hit record $3.34 billion
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Lower unemployment rates fuel consumer confidence

Online sales during Black Friday, the busiest shopping day in November and often the entire year, reached $3.34 billion in the United States by the day’s close, surpassing $3 billion in e-commerce transactions for the very first time.

Chromecast Ultra is first streaming device to support Dolby Vision
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Google's first 4K media stick will retail for $69

On Tuesday at a Google event in San Francisco, the company announced a  digital media player called the Chromecast Ultra, a successor to the Chromecast 2, that is now capable of outputting in 4K resolution and including an Ethernet port.

Needs those apps ready soon

Microsoft Studios

To be called Bondurant Car Pack

Wii U

Retailers now saying the 18th is correct


Treyarch-developed sequel date is confirmed


y globe

Three DLC offerings are now already known


Will be called “Horde Command Pack”

Driver issue

Due to graphics driver