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Atom pushed back for November

by on01 September 2011

Driver issue
We don’t have much more to say but our sources are now confirming that 32nm CedarView M and Cedar View D Atom CPUs have been pushed back by two months due to a driver issue.

The processors are being manufactured and the machines based on them are getting ready, but this driver certification, something that Microsoft cares so much about, will push them back for November. Microsoft wants the driver to meet the certification for Windows 7 as it doesn’t want any trouble.

This is the second significant product Intel has delayed, as 22nm Ivy Bridge is now scheduled for March or April of 2012, a whole quarter after the planned introduction. Westmere, a 32nm shrink of Nehalem, was also introduced of January 7th 2010. Production of this processor started in Q4 2009 but it started selling in Q1 2010, so Intel appears to slowly be taking on a pretty unpopular habit. Let’s not forget the Sandy Bridge chipset issue, either.

The current Atom will have to last for a few more weeks, and Cedar Trail platform can make a difference and make Atoms more attractive. The question whether users will go for netbooks or tablets. This remains to be seen as there is a lot of hype about tablets at the moment. Also, this time around Intel faces stiff competition from AMD E-series APUs.
Last modified on 02 September 2011
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