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Arkham City DLC to start November 1st

by on12 October 2011


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Three DLC offerings are now already known

Batman: Arkham City will apparently be getting its first downloadable content offering for sale right after the release of the game. Three of the DLC offers were apparently posted before someone noticed and they were taken down.

The first offering will be the “Nightwing Character Pack” which has a release date of November 1st and will retail for $6.99. The second offering will apparently be called the “Robin bundle” which will arrive on November 22nd for a cost of $6.99, as well.

The third offering is called a “Skins Pack” that will be arriving on December 6th for $4.99. We suspect the skins pack will be a collection of all of the skins that are being offered by different promotions as such. The majority of the bigger retailers are offering some sort of skins to go with the game if you pre-order.

According to what we have been hearing, Warner is planning a much more robust collection of DLC offerings for Arkham City in an effort to try to sustain the momentum of the title.

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