Boffins come up with better connections
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Faster than USB or Thunderbolt

Boffins have emerged from their smoke-filled labs with a cabling system that could provide data transfer speeds multiple times faster than existing USB connections using an extremely thin polymer cable.

MIT boffins use AI to spot COVID-19
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Sound of hacking

Scientists from MIT have developed a new AI model that can detect COVID-19 from a simple forced cough.

Stop teaching programming using logic puzzles!
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Coding introduced to kids badly

MIT's Mitchel Resnick and Natalie Rusk have warned that trying to teach kids programming using logic puzzles is like teaching people to write using crosswords.

MIT kills racist AI database
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It lowered the standards of the world

MIT has taken offline its highly cited dataset that trained AI systems to potentially describe people using racist, misogynistic, and other problematic terms.

MIT boffins develop new brain chip
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Small enough for a mobile phone

MIT boffins have published a new paper that describes a new type of artificial brain synapse that offers performance improvements versus other existing versions, and which can be combined in volumes of tens of thousands on a chip that's smaller physically than a piece of confetti. 

AI developments aren't all real
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Hype machine works well though

AI developments might not be all they are cracked up to be and are just tweaks to existing technology, according to studies compiled by MIT boffins.

MIT tells you how fast your code will run on different chips
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Uses machine learning tool

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) boffins have developed a new machine learning-based tool that will tell you how fast code can run on various chips.

Stallman resigns from MIT
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17 September 2019

Stallman resigns from MIT

Stands down as president from the Free Software Foundation and its board of directors

Free software messiah Richard Stallman has resigned from MIT, and as president and board member of the Free Software Foundation.

Stallman defends himself over Epstein comments
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Not really what I said

Open saucy messiah Richard Stallman has found himself in a bit of a mess after he was quoted as defending Marvin Minsky's association with dead sex-pest Jeffrey Epstein.

MIT creates mass production process for cell-sized robots
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Looking for micro-sized Sara Conners

Boffins at MIT have announced a discovery that could allow mass production of self-powered robots that are the size of cells.