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MIT speeds up hardware by mimicking computer brains

by on02 August 2022

Well not yours on a Monday morning, obviously

MIT boffins have built AI chips that mimic synapses, but are a million times faster, and are more energy efficient than current designs. 

Lead author and MIT postdoc Murat Onen said that once you have an analogue processor, you will no longer be training networks everyone else is working on.

"You will be training networks with unprecedented complexities that no one else can afford to, and vastly outperform them all. In other words, this is not a faster car, this is a spacecraft," he said.

High speed was a bit of a surprise as normally when you apply such extreme fields across devices they catch on fire. But instead, protons ended up shuttling at immense speeds across the device stack, specifically a million times faster. And this movement doesn't damage anything, thanks to the small size and low mass of protons.

He said that it was almost like teleporting, although there was no risk of data accidently splitting and becoming a good and evil version of itself.


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