More women than men play computer games
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But the PC industry is not ready for them

The stereotypical online gamer is young and male, but smartphones have meant women play more games than men, it is just that the industry mostly ignores them.

New study rules out games as precursors to violent crime
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"Guns don't kill people computer games do" myth dispelled

Trying to avoid saying that the nation's gun obsession is responsible for school shootings, US politicians are focusing on violent video games as a cause. However, a new long-term study has proved that they are talking rubbish.

Trump wants to ban violent computer games and films
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Will still give automatic weapons to mentally ill kids though

Strapped for an idea of stopping kids shooting up schools that do not involve some gun control, President Donald (Prince of Orange) Trump is thinking of tougher censorship rules on violent movies and computer games.

Minecraft boss takes over Microsoft Studios
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Matt Booty looks to improve Volish outlook

Microsoft has promoted the brains behind Minecraft's success to be the head of the company’s games studios.

Atari makes a new games console
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First time in 20 years 

Atari is making a video games console for the first time in more than 20 years and it looks like it will be a retro machine.

Microsoft spills the beans on Scorpio
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Where's the mango?

Software king of the world Microsoft unveiled last year that it will be launching a super-specced Xbox One variant -- codenamed Project Scorpio and now Vole has split the beans on what they will look like.

Violent games have no long term side-effects
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Another study proves it

Yet another study has come out and denied that there is any long term psychological effects on people who play violent video games.

Nvidia locks down games
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03 February 2017

Nvidia locks down games

Making friends and influencing people

Nvidia has decided to impress its customers by blocking them from giving away or selling bundled games – after all punters love it when you tell them what to do with something they have bought.

Nintendo returns to profit
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But sees trouble ahead

Former playing card maker Nintendo has managed to make its first profit in four quarters thanks to its mobile gaming division.

Valve's top games for 2016
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Valve has gone them on its list

Valve has named its 100 best-selling Steam games of 2016.