Apple surrenders to the French on tax
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Although it is a question of who surrendered to whom

US technology giant Apple said it had reached a deal with France to pay an undeclared amount of back-dated tax however no one seems to be saying how much it paid.

France declares Cyberwar
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No surrender this time

France’s defence secretary Florence Parly has warned that the Glorious French cyber legions were marching to war.

France orders Google to surrender $57 million
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First head rolls under GDPR rules

French regulators have fined Google nearly $57 million for violating Europe’s strict new data privacy rules.

France angry over tech giant taxing
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Stop talking and make them pay up

The French government is getting its baguettes in a knot over delays in getting the US tech giants to start paying tax.

France and Germany working out how to tax big tech
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France suggests a sunset clause

The European Union is working out a way to tax big tech and thinks that an agreement could still be found by the end of the year.

French try and give robots a pizza the action
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Escargot of taste just got up and went

The French claim to have replaced all pizza makers with a robot, although the example they produced is hardly a real pizza.

Xiaomi to open retail store in Vienna
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Coming to Italy and France in May

Xiaomi is definitely entering a few more European markets. Xiaomi confirmed that it will start officially offering its devices in Italy and France and it is about to open up a retail store in Vienna too.

Macron wants France to win AI war
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No surrendering this time

French President Emmanuel Macron touts artificial intelligence as the next technological frontier France cannot afford to miss, and will launch a major “offensive” this week.

France drags Apple and Google to court
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Evil contract terms

France will take Google and Apple to court over contractual terms imposed by the tech giants on startups and developers.

UK and France ally over AI
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Brexit backdoor remaining

While the UK government is frantically trying to show that it is really about Brexit, it is apparently doing deals with the French on artificial intelligence, data, cybersecurity, digital government and tech skills.