iPhone XS has Intel modem inside
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L shaped battery phone starting at 1.149 € / $999+ tax / £999

iPhone XS and XS Max have started reaching their early adaptors, and at the same time iFixit managed to dismantle it and tell us which chips are inside of the precious overpriced phone.

Apple A12 bionic 7nm detailed
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6-core CPU 4-core GPU and a lot of AI

Apple’s A12 Bionic is the name of the most important chip inside the iPhone Xs and Xs Max and Xr detailed here. Make no mistake, this is the first to ship 7nm but not the first to sample or be announced, it is actually the third. As believers in the Apple religion don’t care about features unless they have it in their beloved iPhones, they don’t care about the rest of the world.

iPhone 6.1 inch has dual SIM
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Most likely for China

Apple already confirmed its plans to have an iPhone event on September 12th and it will tell the market about its upcoming 2018 Intel only modem line up.

Qualcomm's Snapdragon 855 benchmark shows up
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A significant step forward in Geekbench 4

The press usually relies too much on benchmarks but they at least tell you that a subject A is better or worse than subject B. The recently posted GeekBench of Snapdragon 855 shows that the new 7nm SoC from Qualcomm scores much better than its predecessor.

First quad-core A12 coming

In market share at least


LTE, Mali-T624, 28nm


High-end features for the masses