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Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080 Ti review

by on09 March 2017


Cinebench R15.038 – OpenGL

Cinebench is a popular synthetic benchmark that measures CPU and GPU using OpenGL. The program uses several algorithms to render a photorealistic 3D scene containing over 300,000 polygons and then will display the results based on a point system.

cinebench r15 gtx 970 1070 1080 1080 ti

Based on our results, the GTX 970 SC scores 136.97 points, followed by the Geforce GTX 1080 Ti at 135.29 points, the GTX 1070 at 131.68fps, and the GTX 1080 at 130.15 points. For this test, it should be noted that there can be some variability with each run, and all four cards seem to score consistently above the 130-point marker. This is more of a suggestion to Cinebench to include a more comprehensive benchmark that makes use of a more robust shading algorithms.

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