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Martian A8 notebook reviewed

by on07 October 2016


Display Quality


 IMG 9191

The 13.3-inch IPS Full HD display is definitely the highlight of the A8, thanks to its great image quality, uniform brightness and vivid colors.

IMG 9200

This is not a touchscreen, but there’s one more thing to love about the screen – it’s matte. Matte screens are all but gone from budget notebooks, although some vendors still cling to them in other market segments. It’s been a while since we played around with a matte display on this sort of device, and we have to say the experience is great.

The only obvious drawback is the fact that this is not a touch screen, but we would trade touch functionality for this matte non-touch screen anytime. No contest.

great viewing angle

The viewing angles of the IPS display are simply great, and since it’s matte, image quality in well-lit environments or outdoors is better than you’d expect at this price point.

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