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EVGA Hadron Air reviewed

by on14 January 2016




The Hadron Air is a good PC case for building a powerful system around a mini-ITX motherboard. Many users have it already and we see mostly great recommendations. Despite being already two years old, the Hadron Air has everything you will find on the latest designs, including USB 3.0 and HDD cage for 2.5” drives.

Mini-ITX motherboards are very powerful these days and feature rich too, like the latest Z710 motherboard which you can combine with the high-end Intel Core i7 CPU.

The Hadron Air can house dual slot graphics cards with lengths up to 267mm, including GTX Titan X. To power such powerful components you will need a good PSU. EVGA decided to ship a pre-installed 500 watt Gold rated PSU which of course adds to the price but we think it is a quality PSU, and fits well in the design. It is much quieter compared to most slim-line power supplies for mini-ITX chassis. The Hadron Air is equipped with two 120mm fans which are fairly silent.

EVGA Hadron Air is currently available for less than 160 euro, that is about 40 euro less compared to the original price. The price in Europe is considerably higher than in USA. The Image below shows the price graph for the Hadron Air which is quite unusual for a PC case, with huge difference between low and high values, but again. EVGA did a several promotions throughout the year 2014, which made considerable impact on the prices, as shown in the graph.

The EVGA Hadron Air makes an excellent first impression, and we are happy to say that after many months of using it we still have good opinion about it.

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