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EVGA Hadron Air reviewed

by on14 January 2016


A closer look - outside

The Hadron Air is compact PC-case with a simple but clever design. There is no drive bay at the front, just a square power button in the middle accompanied with the decent EVGA logo. Luckily the drive bay is present but as a slot-loading slimline drive bay, and it is moved to the side panel of the chassis. Slimline drives are not cheap, especially Blu-ray drives, but at least EVGA provides an option and many other chassis don't. However the user should be careful when purchasing the slimline drive and do check whether the provided eject button line up with the desired drive. 

evga hadron air 2

On the right side we have two USB 3.0 ports and the usual pair of 3.5mm Audio plugs. All sides except the front panel are made of steel with a nice matte finish.
evga hadron air 3

The air vent along the bottom part of the right panel is meant to  let the fresh air inside the case. Two 120mm fans are placed on the top panel to push hot air out of the chassis, and there is no room for additional fans in the Hadron Air. Therefore the whole top panel is designed as a huge air vent.
evga hadron air 4
The top panel and the both side panels can be removed with a help of a screwdriver. Mostly you will have to remove only the panel with the window, which you can slide out easily after removing two thumbscrews.
evga hadron air 1
Nothing can be hidden inside the Hadron Air chassis since the whole panel is a window , so you will probably spent some time before all cables are routed nicely.
evga hadron air 5

On the rear side you can see two motherboard expansion slots. Inside the Hadron Air you can house most of the high end graphics cards, which are dual slot and have length up to 267mm. The Hadron Air comes with a 500W 80 Plus Gold certified 1U power supply, and the small PSU fan is visible on the bottom right of the back panel. The fan is quiet.
The two openings for an external liquid-cooling setup are also provided, however for using water cooling we suggest you to take look at the Hadron Hydro which is another mini-ITX case from EVGA.

evga hadron air 6

Notice how the Hadron Air is not laid flat on the table, it is tilted due to the higher front stand. 

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