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Sapphire Edge VS8 Mini-PC reviewed

by on28 February 2013


Cinebench R11.5

Cinebench R11.5 confirms that Sapphire’s Edge VS8 is the fastest Edge Mini-PC system out there. Once again we see that the GPU is Trinity’s trump card. It is one of the fastest GPUs we had a chance to come across in thin-and-light notebooks and mini-PCs. The intensive CPU rendering test also proves that the CPU is quite a bit faster than the rest of the field.

test cinebench

HD Tune

The results we saw earlier mostly depend on the choice of HDD storage. The Edge VS8 clearly steams ahead of the ZBox Nano XS AD11 Plue E-450 APU which uses 64GB mSATA SSD, but in some tests it lags behind by a wide margin, and that can be attributed to the slow HDD. With that in mind, going barebones might make more sense. Either way you will not get Windows and installing a hybrid drive or SSD shouldn’t be a lot of trouble for anyone with a bit of experience.


Video playback

We used the Edge VS8 for some casual browsing, media playback, office work and even some gaming while it remained connected to a 1080p TV. It handled everything that we threw at it with ease, until we went overboard with multitasking. In a typical home PC, HTPC or office environment, it won’t give you any headaches.

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