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Power Color Devil 13 HD 7990 6GB reviewed

by on02 November 2012


The Devil 13 HD 7990 we received had no issues with GPU thermals, unlike the first batch of these cards that was sent out to reviewers. It’s strange how the problem went largely unnoticed at first, but thankfully it didn’t require redesigning the cooler. Namely, the GPU overheated because the cooler wasn’t tightened enough, but the company solved this by adding extra washers, so retail versions of the card have normal thermals. You can check out the washers below.



When idle, the Devil 13 isn’t fully inaudible, but you won’t hear it much either. Once the GPU is loaded, the fans will be noticeably loud, but still far from unpleasant because the noise isn’t high pitched. The GTX 690 is quieter although it has dual slot cooling with a single fan. Note that Devil 13 cooler takes up three slots and has three fans. You can manage fan RPM via most popular tools.

If there’s anything good about loud fans, it’s quality thermals. Namely, GPU temperatures didn’t exceed 76°C. After we overclocked the card to 1125MHz GPU and 1500MHz memory, the figure increased by two (78°C).

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