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Nanoxia Deep Silence 1 computer case reviewed

by on08 October 2012


The right panel is fully closed. The left panel is also closed, but one part of it can be opened if needed.



The panels have a slight matte feel to them and you can see it on the pictures – they scatter light equally. It won’t catch fingerprints easy but it will require cleaning.

The left side panel comes soundproofed. The 2-layer insulating material consists of bitumen layer and layer of foam compound. The right panel wasn’t treated and weighs much less than the left.


If you want to install a fan in the left side panel, remove the outer cover by loosening the screws inside it. You can leave the dust filter.


There was no need to treat the right panel as it is closed.


The panels are held in place by two screws and are generally easy to take off on and put back.

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