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Nanoxia Deep Silence 1 computer case reviewed

by on08 October 2012


Nanoxia definitely isn’t the first company to spring to mind when thinking of computer cases, as the company built its name making quality fans, but if the  Deep Silence 1 is anything to go by, that is about to change. The name itself suggests that we’ll see more models and Nanoxia can surely give the competition a hard time.

The company aimed at making a silent case and this is where the Deep Silence 1 excels. Silent cases usually come with closed side panels, in order to keep noise to a minimum, and the Deep Silence 1 isn’t an exception. This contributed to a clean and simple, yet stylish look.

The Deep Silence comes stocked with three silent fans but supports up to seven fans. Nanoxia threw in some tricks for quick cooling boosts, no fans included. One of these tricks is called the Air Chimney, which is basically a mobile part of the top panel that can be raised to act as an exhaust. Users can counteract heat generation under the top panel by simply opening the Air Chimney and allowing the heat to escape.

Nanoxia made sure the Deep Silence 1 is up to the latest standards and the case brings USB 3.0, sound isolation on the front and side panels, modular HDD brackets, room for largest graphics cards and CPU coolers, etc. It is tough, stable and offers what should be enough for most users. We did notice that metal quality and finishing touches aren’t quite up to Cooler Master or Fractal Design standards, despite seemingly resembling some.

The Deep Silence 1 is currently listed at about €109, which we’d call some €10 too steep. On the other hand, this is Nanoxia’s first step on the market and what a step it is, so we’ll cut them some slack. The case is feature packed, perhaps more than some other cases in this price range, and is definitely the one to remember, so let the first one be crowned, we say.

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