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Gainward GTX 690 reviewed

by on24 September 2012


Gainward GTX 690 is a card based on reference design and although it won’t allow for more extreme overclocking, you can get some extra performance with little to no effort. Our reviewing sample allowed us to up the GPU Base clock from reference 915MHz to 1015MHz, which is an 11 percent overclock. The highest clock we hit after our overclocking was 1176MHz. The memory cooperated as well and we upped the clock by 250MHz (1000MHz GDDR5 effectively). Together this translated to up to 16 percent higher gaming performance.

690 gw gpuz oc

crysis 2 oc

unigine 2 oc

Of course, we took Ganiward’s EXPERTool out for a spin, as it now supports Kepler chips. Unfortunately, we could not get readings from both GPUs at the same time, but overclocking is easily doable from the panel with the same name.




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