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Cooler Master CM Storm Skorpion reviewed

by on21 September 2012


The Skorpion is a piece of hardware that isn't essential for gaming or working, but it may make both easier. Mouse bungees are devices that keep the cable suspended, making it seem as if you're using a wireless mouse. Depending on how much cable you leave out, you can ensure a wide and problem free movement radius.

Note that the Skorpion isn't the first of its kind, as the Roccat Apuri has been around for about three years. When it launched, the Apuri cost €30; it now costs €22, whereas the Skorpion will go for about €16 (€13 + VAT). Note however that the  Apuri comes with a USB 2.0 Hub inside, which we personally find quite obsolete.

The Skorpion did exactly what it is advertised to do. Although it’s classified as a gaming accessory, the Skorpion may appeal to other users as well, especially those who “mouse around” for a living. We’ve spent some time with it and can say that it will certainly help with the eternal problem of stuck or tangled mouse cables. At the same time, the Skorpion reduces cable clutter, which many will know how to appreciate.

Although it may seem as quite a mundane product at first, the Skorpion quickly turned into our valuable ally. It did so by eliminating the annoyances that, more often than not, decide whether one walks away laughing or respawns looking at the mouse with pure hatred, so our decision to dub the Skorpion a Fudzilla - top value - product is really a no-brainer. 

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Last modified on 21 September 2012
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