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XFX Radeon HD 7770 1GB Black Super OC DD reviewed

by on15 February 2012



XFX Radeon HD 7770 Black Edition Super OC is a factory overclocked graphics card. The GPU runs at 1120MHz and the memory at 1300MHz (5200MHz effectively). Note that the standard HD 7770 card’s GPU runs at 1000MHz and the memory at 1125MHz (4500MHz effectively). ATI Overdrive support GPU overclocking on the HD 7770 Black Edition Super OC card.

7770 black super overdrive

The additional overclock wasn't quite what we'd call phenomenal, but seeing as how the card already has a factory overclock, our end result of 170MHz higher than AMD's reference clocks was quite good.

xfx dd black oc


Thermals and noise

XFX fans are designed to use linear fan speed ramping controls so that fan speeds and temperatures are optimized to reduce excess noise. This helps by preventing sudden fan speed changes that tend to get loud. The XFX HD 7770 Black Super OC's cooler is great - thermals are good and the card is quiet.

xfx dd black after crysis2 - 220w

xfx dd black oc temp

Power Consumption

Power consumption looks good. The consumption was lower than on HD 6850 cards, despite the fact that XFX's card comes with a high factory overclock. Additionally, XFX card ran slightly faster than the HD 6850.

power  draw

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