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AMD E-350 vs Intel Atom D525+ION2

by on25 May 2011


Zotac ITXION-S board:

The Zotac board is not designed as a desktop replacement but more for HTPC use. It uses high-end components such as Tantalum capacitors and high-end chokes. While it does support DDR3 you have to use the more expensive SO-DIMMs because due to the usage of the ION2 chips with memory, the space is very limited. The board also contains a WLAN mini-PCIe card, which is a neat feature.


The backpanel is rather standard, but of course with two antenna outputs. But while the space is cramped also this board has two USB 3.0 ports on the panel.


Due to the space contraints Zotac had to put some integrated parts on the backside.


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