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Point of View / TGT GTX 570 Beast first look

by on20 January 2011

Preview:109MHz factory overclock

Today we’ll briefly get to know Point of View / TGT GTX 570 BEAST, the fastest factory overclocked GTX 570 which is now available. Since Nvidia gave its partners a green light for overclocking, the day of the launch saw many factory overclocked cards. One of the fastest so far was the Point of View / TGT GTX 570 Ultra Charged, which boasts a 810MHz GPU, but the GTX 570 Beast beat it with the GPU core at 841MHz. This means that Point of View / TGT pushed the GPU by 109MHz.

Point of View / TGT Beast specification:
  Part Number               TGT-570-A1-BST
  Core Clock Speed        841MHz
  Processing Cores         480
  Memory Clock Speed   3900MHz
  Memory Bandwidth      158.4GB/sec
  Shader Clock Speed    1682MHz
  Bus                             PCI-E 2.0
  Interface                     2x dual-link DVI, 1x Mini-HDMI

Running at an impressive 841MHz core clock, the new GTX 570 is available in two versions depending on the choice of the cooler. One features a reference cooler and is a bit cheaper than the second version, which comes with a 9mm slim-line AquaCopper water cooling block. We received the first one and you can see it on the picture below.


Thankfully, Nvidia did a great job this time around and managed to get some really good cooling performance. However, since the GTX 570 Beast boasts pretty high clocks, we were afraid it might not be enough.

Measurements show that GPU temperatures during intensive operation are some 10°C higher than at reference clocks, but they won’t go over 90°C. While we didn’t consider the reference fan loud, the Beast fan was clearly audible but again not too loud. Note however that we were pretty satisfied with noise levels taking in account the much higher clocks.

The card comes in a nicely themed box with a unique way of making sure the card is fixed and safe within the box.




The water-cooled GTX 570 Beast will end up with a suggested retail price of €499, while the air-cooled (reference cooler) models is available for €413 here.

The GTX 570 Beast‘s performance is great but the price is high. Thanks to the factory overclock, this card is much faster than the GTX 480, and can hold its own when put up against the reference GTX 580.

Here are some preliminary results – stay tuned as the full review will follow soon.



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