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Asus EeeBox B204 for brunch

by on24 April 2009


Preview: Atomic lollipop, HDMI flavoured

We know
you're probably slowly getting fed up with netbooks at this point, so we decided to spice things up a bit. With a nettop. Now, if you're thinking I'm just trying to be sarcastic, you are right, but then again, this is no ordinary Eee Box, it's the new B204.


It doesn't look too different from the old B202, but there's some good news under the hood. The B204 has a bit more graphics muscle, it supports HD, and has an HDMI out. You also get a massive remote, as big as the Eee Box itself. So, even if your didn't think much of it up until now, these new features should probably be enough to start considering the B204 as your media center. That's what I'm doing while I'm writing this.


Unfortunately, we are a bit pressed for time these days, so even this piece of candy will have to stand in line and wait its turn. In spite of that, we wil do out best to finish the review sometime next week, or next weekend.

Last modified on 24 April 2009
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