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Dear Apple after my glorious hacker team destroyed non-Apple machines, it appears that Apple security did not protect me from being found out.  P.S. The mac is broken again and I have to write using pen and ink.
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Thursday, 21 December 2017 09:09

Best Korea denies creating WannaCry

Capitalist hyenas are blaming us for everything

A spokesman for North Korea’s foreign ministry has denied Pyongyang is linked to any cyber attacks, the North’s first response since the United States publicly blamed it for a massive worldwide cyber security breach.

The Apple is busted again have to use this pen and paper
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Attack carried out by Lazarus Group

The Trump administration has publicly blamed North Korea for unleashing the so-called WannaCry cyber attack that crippled hospitals, banks and other companies across the globe earlier this year.

US government arrests “WannaCry” saviour
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Reward from a grateful nation

US authorities have decided that that the British guy who saved the world from the “wanna cry” malware is a criminal and arrested him.

Windows XP was not especially vulnerable to Wannacry
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Windows 7 machines might have been the problem

Windows XP was not as vulnerable to the WannaCry ransomware as many assumed.

Microsoft says NSA to blame for Wannacry
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Spy agency stuffed up 

Software King of the World Microsoft has blamed the US spook agency, the National Security Agency, for the Wannacry disaster.

WannaCry might have been made in North Korea
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Lazarus Group has similar code

The ransomware known as WannaCry which put the fear of Jehovah into those who thought running Windows XP was a good idea, might have come from a group of North Korean hackers known as the Lazarus Group.