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US Air Force experimenting with facial recognition on drones
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Can find and kill you

New Scientist magazine has found a contract between the US Air Force and a defence firm that shows the government uses reconnaissance and surveillance drones equipped with facial recognition to aid in special operations missions.

Canadians abandon face recognition software
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Watchdog growls at clearview

Canada's privacy watchdog said facial recognition software provider Clearview AI will no longer offer its services in the country, suspending a contract with its last remaining client, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Detroit coppers admit that facial recognition systems are useless
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But they have used them against black people anyway

Detroit police have used highly unreliable facial recognition technology almost exclusively against black people so far in 2020, according to the Detroit Police Department's own statistics.

Racially-biased facial recognition led to bloke's arrest
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Bad enough when humans do it

It what is being touted as a world first, a faulty facial recognition match led to a Michigan man's arrest for a crime he did not commit  becauset the AI thought all black people looked alike.

Microsoft limits sales of facial recognition to police
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There needs to be some law first

Software King of the World Microsoft joined the list of tech giants who've decided to limit the use of its facial recognition systems, announcing that it will not sell the controversial technology to police departments until there is a federal law regulating the technology.

Amazon pauses giving face detection software to cops
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Probably not a good moment

Amazon on Wednesday said it was implementing a one-year moratorium on police use of its facial recognition software, reversing its long-time support of selling the technology to law enforcement.

IBM gets out of the facial recognition business
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Calls for social justice reforms

IBM CEO Arvind Krishna called on the US Congress to create reforms to advance racial justice and combat systemic racism while announcing the company was getting out of the facial recognition business.

US Army develops AI facial recognition protection
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Stop hackers teaching AI to recognise the wrong people

The US Army has announced the development of software designed to prevent the compromise of facial recognition technology in military applications.

Police facial recognition is rubbish
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Friday, 05 July 2019 11:42

Police facial recognition is rubbish

More than 80 percent inaccurate

Four out of five people identified by the Metropolitan Police's facial recognition technology as suspects were innocent, according to an independent report.

How Ever AI used its social network to build its face recognition tech
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Customers are soo silly

A social networking app which is packed full of snaps of people and their kids was being used to create military-grade facial recognition software.