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Half of millennials reject traditional banks
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Most are planning digital switch this year

More than half of millennials are happy to switch to or already have a digital-only bank.

US banks will automate 200,000 jobs
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Monday, 07 October 2019 10:02

US banks will automate 200,000 jobs

Most significant transfer from labour to capital 

Over the next decade, US banks will use automation to eliminate 200,000 jobs and create  "the greatest transfer from labour to capital" in the industry's history.

Blockchain has zero chance claims Xero bloke
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Too much Trumping and spying means we can't have nice things

The CEO and founder of cloud accountancy software giant Xero thinks blockchain is doomed to failure because of "surveillance culture and tribalism" in the financial industry.

China presses ahead with glorious five year  tech plan
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US tech companies nervy

The Chinese government is set to hack off the US government by working on a set of banking cyber security regulations.